JOIN US IN THE SMILES FOR HOPE CAMPAIGN! From now until June 30th, all whitening procedures will be available at a discounted price with 100% of the proceeds benefiting our partner charity organization Hope Arising. Who is Hope Arising? Hope Arising is an organization that works to strengthen sustainability for community members of Dera, Ethiopia… Read More

Cavities May Soon Be a Thing of the Past In 2016, researchers at the University of Florida revealed a surprising way to fight cavity causing oral bacteria. In a most unusual twist, they discovered a new, previously unknown strain of good oral bacteria that can ward off the harmful ones. It belongs to the Streptococcus… Read More

Preparation for a Wedding Day Smile So you’ve worked for months to prepare the perfect wedding day and it has arrived. Your bridal dress is fitted, flowers in place and hair styled to perfection. As the pictures begin to flash, your teeth may not match the beauty of the occasion or that sparkling white dress.… Read More

Why Oral Cancer Screening Should Be On Your Schedule According to the National Cancer Institute, seventy-five percent of all head and neck cancers begin in the oral cavity. Since studies demonstrate survival rates correlate with the stage of detection, early diagnosis and treatment are optimal for this disease. Once treated after the cancer has progressed,… Read More

We all know we should be flossing in addition to brushing, but for those of us just getting started, which is better – traditional flossing or using a Waterpik (aka water flossing)? Like anything, both methods have their pros and cons. Traditional flossing is very efficient at removing plaque and excess food from teeth and… Read More

A new study shows mouth rinse can do more than improve your oral health by killing germs and freshening breath. For athletes looking to improve their time, mouth rinse may give them a burst of energy that results in a measureable difference. Researchers found that endurance athletes who swished (but did not ingest) mouth rinse… Read More

Get Your Dream Smile Imagine what a difference having your dream smile could make. The ability to smile from ear to ear without embarrassment of tooth discoloration, missing or damaged teeth, crooked teeth or unsightly fillings can greatly increase your confidence and self-esteem. This, in turn, enhances your professional and social success. Caffaratti Dental Group… Read More

E-Cigarettes No Better For Oral Health Than Tobacco Many people are turning to e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco. Unfortunately, these devices are no better for oral health. Multiple new studies have revealed the true damaging effects of vaping on mouth tissue. The flavorings, small amount of nicotine (a known contributor to gum… Read More

Gum Disease Linked to Pancreatic Cancer It’s important to take care of your teeth for more than just a great smile. Did you know these preventive measures help ward off more serious health conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and pancreatic cancer? Most of gum-disease-causing bacteria are capable of moving from the mouth to brain tissue… Read More

Gum Disease Linked to Heart Disease It’s easy to see the importance of brushing and flossing for the dental health’s sake, but did you know these preventive measures help ward off more serious health conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and pancreatic cancer? Two-thirds of gum-disease-causing bacteria are motile, or capable of moving from the mouth… Read More