From now until June 30th, all whitening procedures will be available at a discounted price with 100% of the proceeds benefiting our partner charity organization Hope Arising.

Who is Hope Arising?

Hope Arising is an organization that works to strengthen sustainability for community members of Dera, Ethiopia by helping families escape extreme poverty and achieve self-reliance. Efforts include implementing sound foundations for healthcare, education, and economic strength throughout levels in the community so the children of today have a home for the future.

How Can You Participate?

Step 1:
Make an appointment for an IN-OFFICE or TAKE-HOME WHITENING procedure.

Step 2:
Choose and complete your donation level.

Step 3:
Our team donates 100% of their time and use materials that have been donated 100% free of charge.

Step 4:
100% of your donation benefits Hope Arising directly.

Donation Levels:

Level 1:
In-Office Whitening+Take-Home Whitening & Custom Trays – $250

Level 2:
In-Office Whitening – $200

Level 3:
Custom Take-Home Trays with 4 Syringes of Bleaching Gel – $150

This is a great opportunity to do something nice for someone else and yourself!


About Dera, Ethiopia

Dera is an incredibly impoverished country where families can’t afford to send their kids to school, get medical care, or save money because most of their income goes to securing food and nourishment. In Dera, acquiring food can take all day with many children left to starve. On average Ethiopians spend more than 71% of their monthly income on food, compared to Americans spending only 9.6%. Over one-half the world’s population live in extreme poverty of earning as little as $1/day.

Many families in Dera cannot break out of poverty because they do not qualify for small business loans through traditional banks. Microcredit lending developed and funded by donations to Hope Arising begin to bridge the gap and make the dream of financial independence possible. In many cases leading just one member of the community to self-reliance means dozens more are positively affected by affording the opportunity to provide family members with money for food, shelter, and healthcare which also leads to strength within the community.