When you become a patient of Dr. Caffaratti‘s, our team thinks of you as family, not just another set of teeth to fix and clean. Our goal is to help you obtain and maintain the best possible oral dental health. So, we take time to understand your dental history and evaluate  the best options for your particular dental needs. That means looking beyond the surface problems and considering the underlying issues that may either be causing  problems now, or that may lead to problems in the future. We recommend long-term solutions so that your teeth and smile last a lifetime.

1.  How often should I visit my dentist?
It’s recommended that you visit one of our dentists once or twice a year, although the frequency of routine dental visits should be based on individual need, some people will need to see the dentist more often than others. Of course, preventing the initial cavity is preferable to restoring the tooth after disease has occurred. Preventive dentistry is very important for us and should be for you.

2.  What does a dental examination include?
Several things should be present in a complete dental examination, such as: soft tissue condition, periodontal status, existing cavities and fillings, complete set of x-rays, smile appearance. Question and answer period with one of our dentists or team members.

3.  Why do people still lose teeth?
Two of the most important reasons are tooth decay and periodontal disease. Tooth loss can be prevented through education, early diagnosis, and regular dental care. Loss of all natural teeth can contribute to a person’s psychological, social, and physical impairment, also some limitations in speech, chewing ability, taste perception, and quality of life. Our dentists are skilled family dentists capable of handling your day-to-day dental needs.

4.  I am missing several teeth and want to know if you do implants?
Dental implants are a wonderful way to replace missing teeth when certain conditions exist. Such things as your overall general health and the length of time you have been missing your teeth must be considered. The replacement of missing teeth using dental implants requires a team approach. After our dental team does a thorough examination and treatment plan, the surgical phase of the dental treatment takes place with Dr. Caffaratti, who will place the implants. When healing is complete, usually after 4-6 months, the tooth or bridge segment can be placed on top of the healed implants.

5.  What is cosmetic dentistry?
The term cosmetic dentistry refers to all procedures used to improve your smile. This includes porcelain veneers, bridges and crowns, teeth whitening, bonding and white fillings.

6.  Is there an alternative to the silver fillings?
White fillings are quickly replacing the old silver fillings that are part mercury. Although both kinds of fillings serve the same purpose, white (tooth colored) fillings are more cosmetically appealing.

7.  Can porcelain veneers cover up the gaps in my smile?
Porcelain veneers are specifically designed to cover gaps, chips, permanent stains, misshapen teeth and washed out fillings. The thin porcelain veneers are instant orthodontics and will give you the beautiful smile you desire.

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