Preparation for a Wedding Day Smile

So you’ve worked for months to prepare the perfect wedding day and it has arrived. Your bridal dress is fitted, flowers in place and hair styled to perfection. As the pictures begin to flash, your teeth may not match the beauty of the occasion or that sparkling white dress.

Family at wedding with white teeth

With all the planning, parties and dress preparation, your teeth can easily get overlooked. You may not even be aware that your teeth need attention. Looking in your mirror daily can sometimes blind you to the imperfections that can be magnified once the wedding day pictures are snapped. To make sure that the day is not spoiled by stained or cracked teeth, a visit to your cosmetic dentist can offer peace of mind and solutions you might have overlooked.

Repair and Restoration for Stained and Cracked Teeth

To make your bridal pictures spectacular, taking action prior to the big wedding day may be needed. Sometimes this requires a smile makeover or teeth whitening. “ I frequently see brides and grooms coming to me because they feel self-conscious about their teeth. We recommend a treatment plan based on the wedding time frame involving anything from a quick teeth-whitening session to more involved makeovers such as veneers or tooth bonding. These procedures repair cracked teeth as well as minor imperfections and gaps that could exist”, says Dr. Frank Caffaratti of Caffaratti Dental Group. “It is often a good idea to plan a dental consultation with your cosmetic dentist as soon as you become engaged so that you have sufficient time to correct the issues”, he continues. Most importantly don’t forget the groom!

Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Whiter

  • Red wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sodas
  • Deep colored berries or fruit
  • Soy sauce

While you may not be able to completely avoid these food and beverage groups, limiting your intake will greatly reduce the chances that your pictures will be marred by a less than perfect smile caused by yellow and stained teeth. Rinsing or drinking water throughout the day can also be beneficial to help flush the staining solutions away from your teeth.

Get the most of your treatments by talking to your cosmetic dentist before you undergo any take home whitening solution. Since our teeth are not all alike, some may not receive treatment well. Your provider will be able to determine this upon inspection of your teeth and gums. Having periodontal disease may also be a limiting factor on teeth whitening choices. The American Dental Association monitors over the counter remedies so that you can get the best advice from any cosmetic accredited provider.

Misaligned or Crooked Teeth

This is a common problem for many brides or grooms.

Teeth straightening is no longer a wire-filled mouth of horrors! You can easily begin to correct issues misaligned teeth with a clear or non-visible form of trays called Invisalign. Prepare to begin this procedure at soon as possible for the best results for your wedding day.

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Solutions for Broken, Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Bonding or Composite Restorations

One simple and quick alternative to correct wear and tear on your teeth is tooth bonding. In this procedure, the dentist applies tooth-colored materials to the damaged, cracked or chipped teeth. It can also serve to build up areas where gaps may exist. Having a cosmetic dentist exam your teeth and discuss the alternatives is always the best solution at least 3-6 months prior to the wedding day.

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“Many of our brides and grooms choose to have veneers placed over the front of the tooth”, says Dr. Caffaratti. “In this procedure, we make a custom colored covering that works well to correct for spaces between the teeth and other cosmetic imperfections. It can be a longer-term solution than bonding which can wear down more quickly.

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Dental Crowns

At times, patients may need a different alternative for broken teeth. When it is necessary to more adequately protect the tooth while also making it more attractive, a dental crown may be the optimal solution. Unlike a veneer, a crown is a covering that fits over the entire tooth, resting against the gum line.

It is best to have your cosmetic dentist evaluate your teeth to determine the cause of the problems and develop the treatment plan that is right for you. At this time, you will be able to coordinate your wedding with the treatment schedule to make your smile the most beautiful on that special day.

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Dental Contouring

If you are experiencing uneven or jagged teeth, your cosmetic dentist can help. The procedure used is called dental contouring. In this treatment your tooth or affected teeth are reshaped or slightly shaved to match the adjacent ones. This is easily accomplished in only one visit leaving you confident and reassured that your smile will be the best possible.

Most importantly is that you seek advice of your cosmetic dental professional to help you through the process. Removing one less stressful aspect of your wedding is not lost on the moment. The beneficial results will last long beyond the day and can serve to give you confidence and self-assurance as you begin your new lives together.

Caffaratti Dental Group has prepared brides and grooms for over 35 years. Give us a call at (775) 358-1555 to help you make your wedding day smile the most wonderful it can be.