Are Dental Veneers Right for Me?


dental veneers graphicHaving good health and oral aesthetics is very important for the confidence and self-esteem of many people. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile? Dental veneers can be a great alternative to improve oral aesthetics at a reasonable price, without long and complicated treatments and any risk.

What is a Dental Veneer?

The dental veneer is a small sheet that is placed in the visible part of the tooth to mask or cover problems caused by infections such as caries, poor previous restorations, enamel fractures, mold changes and changes in color to improve your external image.

What are Dental Veneers Used For?

Regardless of the causes of unattractive teeth, dental veneers can solve most or even all of your cosmetic dental problems, including:

  • Worn enamel: Over time, the thin, translucent and hard substance that covers the teeth (the enamel) can wear out and become discolored. Such wear and discoloration may be natural or be the result of a genetic predisposition. However, it is often the result of consuming soda, tea or coffee, smoking, and the use of certain medications, etc.
  • Use and wear: Teeth naturally wear out with age. The teeth of older people are more prone to wear, cracks or a generally uneven appearance.
  • Genetics: Some people are born with an abnormal separation between teeth that enlarges with age.
  • Uneven teeth: Uneven teeth can result from injury or general wear.

Process of Dental Veneers

The process of placing veneers usually begins with the removal of some of the tooth enamel to ensure that the dental veneers have a good surface to be permanently attached to the teeth. The amount of enamel removed is small and in fact, it is the same thickness as the veneer to be placed so that the tooth remains the same size. A local anesthetic can be used to ensure that no discomfort occurs during the application process, however this is usually not necessary.

Once the teeth have been prepared, an impression will be made so that the dental technician has enough information to make the dental veneer. If some teeth are left unveneered, the color of the other veneer chosen corresponds in a color guide will ensure that the veneers match and look completely natural.

veneers confident smilePlacing a veneer usually requires at least two visits; The first visit is to prepare the tooth and make sure it matches the veneer, while the second visit is to place the veneer. Before carrying out the procedure, the dentist shows the patient the dental veneer on his tooth to make sure he is happy with it. 

How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

Dental veneers can last for many years, however, there is always a risk that they may splinter or break just like the teeth themselves. In general, the dentist is the one who tells the patient how long each veneer will last, in addition to the need for a new veneer if necessary.

How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

The cost of dental veneers may vary depending on the type of veneer chosen.

In general, porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite veneers, costing between $800 and $3,000 dollars per tooth, while composite veneers have prices ranging from $200 to $2000 dollars per tooth.

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