E-Cigarettes No Better For Oral Health Than Tobacco

Many people are turning to e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco. Unfortunately, these devices are no better for oral health.

e-cigarette-oral-healthMultiple new studies have revealed the true damaging effects of vaping on mouth tissue. The flavorings, small amount of nicotine (a known contributor to gum disease) and the warm vapor itself are all harmful to gum tissue, killing it off within just a few days of exposure.

One of the studies’ lead researchers, Dr. Rouabhia from the Université Laval, explained, “damage to the defensive barrier in the mouth can increase the risk of infection, inflammation and gum disease. Over the longer term, it may also increase the risk of cancer.”1

Furthermore, researchers found “all e-cigarette vapor caused damage to gum tissue cells comparable to that caused by exposure to tobacco smoke.”3

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