Gum Disease Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

It’s important to take care of your teeth for more than just a great smile. Did you know these preventive measures help ward off more serious health conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and pancreatic-cancer-gum-diseasepancreatic cancer?

Most of gum-disease-causing bacteria are capable of moving from the mouth to brain tissue and into the blood stream, leading to additional illnesses.

Pancreatic Cancer

While the research linking gum disease to pancreatic cancer is not as strong as the studies linking gum disease to heart disease and Alzheimer’s, a research team from Harvard School of Public Health did report a connection in 2007.

The team found that “men with a history of gum disease had a 64% increased risk of pancreatic cancer compared with men who had never had gum disease.”1

Carcinogenic compounds called nitrosamines were found in the mouths of those with gum disease, and it is believed that these compounds may react with stomach chemicals, creating an environment ripe for pancreatic cancer. However, a 2012 study by the same Harvard group was unable to determine if gum disease bacteria is the cause or effect of pancreatic cancer, but they were again able to establish a link.

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