dental flossIf you don’t floss, you’re missing cleaning 35 percent of your teeth’s surfaces. That statistic goes for children and adults alike. When a child’s teeth start to fit closely together (between ages 2 and 6), start getting them in the habit of flossing. If you can’t see space between your child’s teeth, it’s time to start flossing. By the age of 10, children usually develop the dexterity to floss on their own, but they will need your help until that age. Starting early while they have their baby teeth will help them be used to and comfortable with flossing by the time their permanent teeth come it. Use a floss that is soft and flexible so it doesn’t hurt their teeth or gums.

When it comes to brushing, a child also needs your help until ages 6 to 8. Some good indicators that your child can correctly manipulate a toothbrush are the ability to button a shirt or tie their own shoes.

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