Smile QuoteAre you like the more than 45 percent of Americans who made a New Year’s resolution this year? Studies show that people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve those goals than people who don’t speak or write down the specifics. But as we all know, resolutions can be hard to keep. Around 25 percent of people who make resolutions don’t make it past the first week.

Take heart – if your New Year’s resolution is to improve yourself, and specifically your smile, Caffaratti Dental Group has you covered.

Cosmetic dentistry continues to increase in popularity

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, more than 99 percent of adults believe a smile is an important social asset. What you think about your appearance, and your smile, affects your self-esteem, moods and attitudes, and even how you function in social and business relationships.

Popular-Teeth-WhiteningAs such, it’s no surprise that cosmetic dentistry continues to increase in popularity. Teeth whitening alone is a $1.4 billion per year industry! In 2013, the AACD reported the top three cosmetic dentistry procedures were dental crowns, dental bonding and dental veneers. Nearly 90 percent of the patients who underwent cosmetic dentistry procedures did so to improve their physical attractiveness. Other popular reasons to elect for cosmetic dentistry were to restore oral health after an accident or injury, to look and feel younger, and an upcoming event like a wedding or reunion. Even improving career and relationship success ranked in the top seven reasons to seek cosmetic dentistry procedures.

What is tooth bonding?

Tooth bonding can be a viable and affordable alternative to full porcelain veneers. For patients with a chipped, slightly misaligned or imperfect tooth, dental bonding is a simple procedure that can make a big difference for your smile.

Tooth bonding takes just one appointment, in which we apply a liquid composite resin, shaded to blend with your tooth’s natural color. That resin is hardened with a curing light and then sculpted and polished to blend seamlessly with your natural tooth.

With proper care, a bonded tooth can last for many years. Because tooth bonding doesn’t discolor as your normal tooth enamel does, touch-up teeth whitening or replacement may be necessary to ensure the bonded area and your natural tooth have the same coloring.

When should I consider dental veneers?

While dental bonding is a great option for a singular tooth or a few teeth, dental veneers are a good option when you have several teeth you want to correct. Dental veneers are an excellent choice for patients who want to correct:

  • Discolored or stained teeth, particularly those for which teeth whitening has not been successful
  • Chipped, broken or worn down teeth
  • Crooked, uneven, misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Made from thin layered sheaths of porcelain, dental veneers completely cover the front of your teeth. Porcelain veneers will last longer than a bond, in some cases up to 20 years. The porcelain veneer process takes longer to complete, typically a total of three appointments.

What makes Caffaratti Dental Group veneers unique?

Our Elite dental veneers ceramists apply a number of porcelains to each tooth, which creates a subtle, translucent quality, allowing light to reflect just as it would off a naDenturestural tooth. This process results in a look so natural, it’s nearly impossible to tell they are restorations. Porcelain veneers replicate the strength and resilience of natural tooth enamel, but unlike natural teeth, they will not discolor or fade. Because porcelain veneers cover the entire front of the tooth, you don’t have to worry about whitening or touch-ups like with bonding.

Is teeth whitening enough to enhance my smile?

Professional tooth whitening is a quick and easy option to achieve a brighter smile for the new year. In-office teeth whitening is an ideal choice for patients seeking immediate results.

Professional tray whitening is a less expensive option and the very best teeth whitening option for your at-home use. We’ll take an impression of your mouth to create custom teeth whitening trays for you, and you’ll achieve maximum results at the end of your at-home treatment period.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening methods are notorious for causing soft tissue irritation and hypersensitive teeth. Even though stronger agents are applied in professional teeth whitening, the rest of your mouth, including your gums, are protected from those materials. Professional teeth whitening is also longer lasting.

The best way to determine if professional teeth whitening will give you the look you desire, or if tooth bonding or porcelain veneers are needed instead, is to schedule a consultation.

What can I do if I need an entire mouth restoration?

The team at Caffaratti Dental Group is skilled in technologically advanced surgical and restorative cosmetic dentistry procedures. For our patients who need a combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments to achieve a perfect smile, we begin with a consultation to discuss the patient’s goals and the options available to achieve them.

We’ll provide you with the most accurate insurance estimates before treatment begins, and we also offer 24-month interest-free financing.

Don’t be like the majority of Americans who don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions. Call Caffaratti Dental Group today at (775) 358-1555 to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation, and we’ll ensure you keep your resolution to look and feel better in 2015!