teeth grindingHave you ever considered jaw pain, teeth gaps or teeth crowding could be affecting your balance? In a recent study, researchers discovered dental occlusion, or how your teeth align as you bite, can have an affect on your posture and balance.

As you bite together, your upper and lower teeth meet. When they do not come together properly, this is called “malocclusion” and can lead to headaches, teeth grinding, jaw pain and now interact with your posture and balance.

Study Results on Your Balance, Posture and Malocclusion

This study conducted by researchers at the University of Barcelona examined the effect of malocclusion on posture, finding that those with malocclusion tend to have poorer posture. They also noted that your spatial orientation as you move is related to how your body and mind perceive the world. Just like with eye conditions such as astigmatism where individuals compensate to correct balance by tilting their head to correct for the imbalance, it is proving that malocclusion of the teeth may influence posture in much the same way.

jaw painCorrecting Malocclusion May Play a Critical Role in Reducing Sprains and Fractures

If you are an athlete this is important news for improved performance. However, if you are a not an athlete and particularly over the age of 50, this information could help you maintain your future health.

The Second Study Findings

In a recent study cited by the University of Innsbruck, malocclusion and its affects on balance were explored. Interestingly, this study found that by “repositioning the jaw to a neutral position”, a person could improve their balance even under the conditions where the subjects were fatigued.

How Can You Correct Malocclusion?

Chances are you may not have considered the impact that grinding teeth, jaw popping or jaw pain may have on your body’s health and balance but now with growing evidence, you may want to explore your options.

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