Why You Should Eat Your Cheese!

What the Greenbay Packers fans in Wisconsin may have in common with your health in Nevada

dairy products - good oral healthBeing a “cheesehead” never looked and felt so good! Calcium rich foods are known to be great for our bone health but are also now being found to lower our risk of cavities.

Research published in the peer-reviewed clinical journal of May 2013 General Dentistry found those studied who consumed cheese increased their oral pH levels. Since it is known that pH’s levels lower than 5.5 put a person at risk for tooth erosion and enamel destruction, the effects of these higher pH levels mean that calcium rich foods such as cheese may inhibit cavity development.

Most interesting about the study was that the 68 subjects were divided into 3 groups and given various dairy products to consume. The participants ate cheese, milk or sugar-free yogurt based on their randomized grouping.

cheese and good oral healthMeasurements taken after 10, 20 and 30 second intervals found that the participants who ate the yogurt and drank milk experienced no rise in pH levels but the ones who ate cheese showed a dramatic increase each time. They also indicated there may be an increase in saliva after eating cheese that in turn assists with removing food and bacteria that remains after eating. Both led to the finding that there are interesting properties within cheese itself that can aid to help protect our teeth.

Dr. Frank Caffaratti of Caffaratti Dental Group feels “certain dairy products appear to promote good oral health and can be a great source of nutrition for your body as well. We encourage both at our office and discuss the use of less sugar in diets for better overall cavity protection.” It’s never too late to get started on a better path to beautiful smile. If you have broken or chipped teeth as a result from decay or trauma, you may want to consider veneers, dental implants or a full-mouth reconstruction. It’s never too late to correct your smile and start on a new road to better health.

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