Common Concerns About Dental Implants

It’s normal to have questions and concerns about any upcoming procedure, and if you’re considering dental implants you’re sure to have some of your own. Dental implants have been around for decades, and they are a safe option for almost all patients with missing teeth. Find answers to more of the most-asked implant questions below.

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Can dental implants fall out?

Each implant consists of a full crown attached to a titanium post that is surgically set in the jawbone, so it is very unlikely to fall out. In fact, you should not even experience movement like with dentures, and your implants should feel like normal teeth.

It is rare, but during the healing process after surgery it is possible for the healing abutment (a piece temporarily screwed into the implant that supports the healing of surrounding gum tissue) to fall out. This happens in only around 5% or fewer treatments.

Can dental implants be rejected?

While very rare, it is possible for implants to fail to integrate with the existing jawbone, primarily in patients with low bone density or those who experience dental trauma post-surgery.

dental implants questionsCan dental implants get infected?

If your dental implant becomes loose or you experience severe pain or inflamed gum tissue surrounding the site, the area may have become infected. While concerning, peri-implantitis is actually quite easy to avoid. As long as you follow proper dental hygiene and attend regular dental cleanings, you should not have to worry about your implant(s) becoming infected. This is especially important because, if left untreated, peri-implantitis can lead to implant failure.

Can dental implants become loose?

In most cases, a loose feeling at the implant site may simply be a loose crown, which is easily remedied by tightening it. An implant could also become loose if a patient experiences bone loss at the site, possibly caused by the gum infection peri-implantitis. In both cases it is likely possible to save the implant.


Do dental implants cause bad breath?

Whenever patients with implants experience bad breath, it is due to an infection somewhere in the mouth. The signs of an infection may be subtle such as inflammation, a bad taste, or bleeding. The good news is that proper oral hygiene should prevent any possible infection.

Can dental implants cause migraines?

The short answer is no, implants do not cause migraines. However, because they are made with titanium posts, they may affect patients who have a metal allergy. The allergic reaction may cause migraines, but this is rare and only affects 2-4% of patients.

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