My daytime fatigue is just a result of stress. Possibly a TRICK. First of all, are you wondering what your dentist has to do with your sleep? At Caffaratti Dental Group, we are trained sleep disorder dentists. While stress and lack of sleep do go hand in hand, daytime fatigue or sleepiness over a long… Read More

My significant other’s bad breath means he/she is not using proper oral hygiene. TRICK. While morning breath may make you shudder, improper oral hygiene is only one potential cause of bad breath. Plaque build-up can cause halitosis, but so can illnesses, mouth breathing and certain medications Drinking more water throughout the day increases saliva… Read More

Heart disease and diabetes are linked to gum disease. TRUE. Gum disease affects 80 percent of Americans and is prevalent in individuals with diabetes and heart disease. In fact, it can be an early indicator for both. For patients with diabetes, high blood sugar levels make you twice as likely to develop gum disease. Patients… Read More

Replacing my toothbrush when I visit the dentist every six months is adequate. TRICK. A worn out toothbrush won’t do much good in keeping your oral health up to par. When the bristles become flat, frayed or broken down, they don’t clean as well. Instead, change your toothbrush every three to four months, or at… Read More

I should opt for a soft bristled toothbrush over a hard bristled one. TRUE. Hard bristled toothbrushes can damage the surface of your teeth and gums. Soft bristled brushes actually do a better job of cleaning between teeth. You may be surprised to hear that you can also brush too much. Brushing more than two… Read More

I should brush right away after eating my favorite foods that are high in acid, like my breakfast grapefruit, soda, tomato sandwich or sour candies. TRICK. It’s true that acid causes tooth decay by breaking down tooth enamel. The trick here is that brushing right after eating acidic foods actually spreads it throughout the mouth,… Read More

There are some fruits and vegetables that could damage my smile. TRUE. While for the most part vegetables are safe, there are some healthy fruits than can be problematic. The good news is that veggies like carrots and celery actually help clean teeth because they are high in fiber and water and get your saliva… Read More

If I cut down on my sugar intake, I’ll cut down on my risk for cavities. Mostly TRICK. The amount of sugar you eat matters less than the length of time that sugar sits on your teeth. The combination of bacteria, sugar and acid is what actually causes tooth decay, and the longer sugar sits… Read More

I have white teeth, so they must be healthy. TRICK. White teeth can still be hiding infections or cavities, so regardless of how your teeth look it’s still critical to visit the dentist twice a year. While discoloration can be a sign of unhealthy teeth, it isn’t always the case. Teeth do discolor as we… Read More

What’s your dental IQ? These dental myths can have patients scratching their heads, so read on to ensure you’re making wise dental health choices. When my gums are bleeding, I should ease up on brushing. TRICK. While irritated and bleeding gums make you want to leave them alone to heal, don’t. Bleeding gums are a… Read More