Swish for Success!

teeth-whiteningIt is well documented that a great smile can help you go a long way both professionally and socially. With this in mind, Caffaratti Dental Group though you might like to see some tips on how to make your appearance stellar with whiter teeth, while keeping your mouth healthier and less likely to have tooth decay.

  1. Pour 2 teaspoons of whitening mouthwash into a cup
  2. Using the contents full-strength, pour the contents into your mouth
  3. Swish the solution for a full 60-seconds…(counting 1 Mississippi for each second if you are not calculating)
  4. Expel the mouthwash
  5. See and feel the results over the next few weeks and months

You may be interested in more quickly removing stains from your teeth that have built up over time. In our dental office we offer safe and advanced alternatives for teeth whitening such as take home bleaching trays. Wherever you find yourself, it’s never too late to begin a great routine to get your teeth and gums in better shape both cosmetically